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Escalating Restrictions to Choice Motivate OSCAR-nominated Filmmaker to Produce Campaign Based on Her Iconic Documentary Trilogy ‘From the BACK ALLEYS to the SUPREME COURT & BEYOND’

The Choice at Risk Campaign Focuses on
Protecting Reproductive Rights
(Palo Alto, California) EMMY-winning documentary filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman announces her latest production, Choice at Risk. This multimedia campaign ignites concern and inspire action about the human cost of extensive cutbacks and legislative erosion to reproductive rights across the country. At the heart of this effort are seven mini-docs, culled from Fadiman's trilogy of films on abortion rights. These short videos are hosted on various multimedia platforms.
In addition to premieres on the website, the mini-docs (5 to 8 minutes in length) are featured on online platforms, social media pages and websites supporting women’s rights across the country. These videos may be used to support the outreach efforts of organizations throughout the country, including local affiliates of Planned Parenthood. The Choice at Risk campaign is working with both grassroots groups and national organizations to plan events featuring the filmmaker. For example, Pennsylvanians for Choice, a coalition that represents more than 30 different groups, held a variety of screenings throughout the state.

One of Choice at Risk’s main goals is to present an informed, essential balance to the often volatile conversation surrounding reproductive rights. Topics on which the seven mini-docs will focus include the era of back alley abortions; the legal history of contraception and abortion; the impact of restrictions on minorities and youth; and the threats of violence aimed at clinics and providers. Following the launch on September 6th, the remaining six compelling mini-docs will premiere each week.

Why has Fadiman launched this campaign now? In her own words: “As legislation continues to limit women’s options, Choice at Risk offers a wake-up call to people who have no memory of the tragedies of the back alley days. In 1962, when legal abortions weren’t available, I risked my life and found a back alley procedure. I ended up in the emergency room with a temperature of 105, infected and bleeding. I created this campaign because I don’t want another generation of young women to ever have to go through what we went through. The short films in the Choice at Risk campaign include first person stories of women, doctors and human rights activists who personally experienced the terror of the back alley days. The films also go inside modern-day clinics that have survived multiple arsons; where the staff wear bulletproof vests and face threats to their lives every day. These films serve as a reminder that the threats are not only to the laws protecting women’s rights, but also to the people who provide those services.

The site is now live and hosts an innovative online media toolkit, including ways to get involved to protect choice.

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Press Contact

For press questions, interview requests, and general comments about the campaign or the website, please contact

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