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CONCENTRIC MEDIA is an independent media production company.
Our films document stories of individuals and communities working
toward social justice, human rights and personal growth.

CONCENTRIC MEDIA's founder, Dorothy Fadiman, has been producing films for 40 years. Awards include an EMMY, an OSCAR nomination, and a GOLD MEDAL from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

We provide fresh perspectives on complex issues. Subjects range from holistic healing to progressive education; from aging to the universal Spirit within all faiths. Our work also documents controversial subjects such as women's reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS in Africa, and the disenfranchisement of Native Americans.

All of our films can be viewed and downloaded FREE.

Choice at Risk: A Campaign Elections at Risk: A Campaign

Our video library of downloadable
resources include two additional sites

These websites offer films and film clips
selected to document rights that
are at risk of being lost.

Media on and includes:
40 short clips, 7 mini-docs, 5 full-length films, action guides & more.