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WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue
New Remastered Version Coming Soon!

world peace is a local issue fadiman dorothy coming soon new version updated 2022

Full–length film (28:02 min.)
Full script for WORLD PEACE pdf or Word doc
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WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue opens with this quote:
"In a democracy, the most important office is that
of the private citizen.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Dorothy's Making of

Using edge of the art digital technology, Dorothy and her team have updated an earlier version of World Peace, some of which was recorded in 1982.  The new version, narrated by Peter Coyote, includes vignettes of Paul Newman, Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy and Senator Ed Markey who introduced a Nuclear Freeze Resolution to Congress in 1983.  More recently, Markey introduced the SANE Act (Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures) in Congress.  The musical score of the new version was created by Laurence Rosenthal, Emmy-winning composer.

What happened at that meeting is relevant to nuclear weapons stockpiling efforts around the world today.


Full script for WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue
pdf or Word doc

Events and Awards

An early version (1983) of WORLD PEACE is a LOCAL ISSUE was shown to both Houses of Congress and won First Place in the National Alliance for Community Media Media Hometown Video Competition.
The film has been re–edited, updated, and digitally re–mastered.


Dorothy has documented the efforts of citizens working together to convince their City Council to adopt a Nuclear Weapons Freeze Resolution. The Mayor of Palo Alto and the majority of the Council felt, initially, that support of a Nuclear Freeze was not an appropriate issue for a local government. They announced that nuclear issues were not in their jurisdiction. Three hundred Palo Alto residents showed up to make their case. During the meeting, the Council shifts from tabling the issue indefinitely to voting on a Nuclear Freeze Resolution.This film focuses on how the impassioned pleas of these people resulted in Council members changing their positions, ensuring passage of the city's Nuclear Freeze Resolution. The story takes place against a backdrop of worldwide grassroots efforts to rein in the escalating nuclear arms race during the Cold War era. What happened at that meeting is relevant to nuclear weapons stockpiling efforts around the world today.


Re-edited, re-mastered version (2014)
Director/Producer: Dorothy Fadiman
Music: Laurence Rosenthal
Narrator: Peter Coyote
Editors: Owen Tomlins and Marlo McKenzie

Original version (1983)
Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Assistant Producer: Phyllis Cole
Executive Producer: Frank Spencer
Music: Alex de Grassi
Project Coordinator: Victoria Nichols

Information and Resources

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