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From Immigration to Education


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Full script in English and Spanish for A DARING JOURNEY
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Dorothy's Making of

I sometimes shop for fruits - like mangos and papayas - at a corner market run by a Mexican-American family. One day Ruben Sr., the owner, greeted me with a smile and said, "My son, Ruben Jr., is going to college!" I congratulated him, then asked, "Where is he going?." Ruben Sr. said, "Vassar." What a small world it is! I responded by sharing with him that our daughter went to Vassar. I knew then and there that this family's story would make an interesting documentary. Ruben Sr. and his wife, Janet, risked their lives to cross the border from Mexico. They arrived with nothing and now their son was off to college. One of their dreams was for their children to get a better education than they had had in Mexico. Over the next five years, as I documented Ruben Jr.'s journey from high school through college, I met Luis and Sergio, two undocumented young men. What impressed me about all of these people was that they share an appreciation for the importance of education in building a better life.


Director/Producer: Dorothy Fadiman
Producer/Director of Photography/Editor: 
Owen Tomlins

Additional Editing: Marlo McKenzie
Assistant Editor: Laura Wigod
Research: Dixie Lopez
Production Coordinator: K. Ushiba
English version narrated by  Peter Coyote
Spanish version narrated by  María Marroquín
Music: Erika Luckett


Full script in English and Spanish for A DARING JOURNEY
pdf or Word doc


A DARING JOURNEY: From Immigration to Education follows three stories about two individuals and a couple who risked their lives to cross the border from Mexico to the United States. The film begins with each giving a vivid description of the journey and then explores their struggles to earn a living in the shadows of the U.S. immigration system. We follow their stories as they pursue their dreams. They all seek higher education. Ruben Sr. and his wife, Janet, who both had minimal education in Mexico, support their son Ruben Jr. as he prepares for college. After studying at a high school that serves students historically underrepresented in higher education, Ruben Jr. then goes on to a college recognized for its efforts to recruit and support first generation, low-income high potential students. These three stories present a microcosm of the realities that many immigrants experience once they arrive in the United States: working hard to survive without legal status and then pursuing education so that they and their children are better able to address the challenges in their futures with better tools and more options.


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Lighthouse Cinemas, Pacific Grove, CA

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