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CHOICE: Then & Now Series

CHOICE: Then & Now Series 3 Women
Choice at Risk: A Campaign

Choice At Risk

A video toolkit of resources including 25 clips, 7 shorts and a 15 page action guide.
Choice at Risk - Spanish version

Since 1991, the team at Concentric Media has continued to develop documentary media that supports keeping reproductive rights safe, legal, affordable and available. Our first film, WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL, focuses on the dangers of the back alleys. The message is that unless these services are available, women who are young and those who are poor might resort to the back alleys once again, as they did for a century when safer abortions were only available to the wealthy. The message of our next film, From DANGER to DIGNITY was and still is: to become aware of and learn about the history of women's reproductive rights. This film traces how women and men fought for and gained the protections of Roe v. Wade. Our third film, The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE, follows the continuing dangers faced by those committed to performing safe legal abortions. Protections for providers are vulnerable and their clinics are at risk. The price of access continues to be eternal vigilance.


"Using sensitive interviews and strong archival footage, these films document the complexity of this issue with accuracy and compassion."
Attorney representing Jane Roe
in the Supreme Court Case:
Roe v. Wade

"These chilling documentaries are strong preventive medicine for our society. Most of us have forgotten or were never aware of the tragic health consequences of illegal abortions."
Retired Director, Patient Education
Kaiser-Permanente (No. CA)

"These films allow those who lived the history of abortion, in all its political, and psychological complexity, to tell their own stories."
San Francisco Bay Guardian