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The Experience of Light


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Dorothy's Making of

RADIANCE was created to communicate my own experience of Light.  My husband and I created a simple ritual, gazing into each other's eyes. LSD was legal at that time and we placed some on each other's tongues. I lay down, closed my eyes and as my heart opened to what I experienced as universal Love, I heard a voice: asking "'May I fill you with Light?' Whatever that presence was, I trusted it and I said 'YES'".

With the word "YES" my entire body filled with a brilliant cascade of light. I felt electrically connected to the Universe. As the light became almost unbearably intense, Jim reached out and touched me. Suddenly, it STOPPED. His touch pulled me back. I know now that I was not ready to receive any more light. I realize now that the intention of this cascade was for me to be able to bring this light back, into my own world....and to tell people about its power.

I spent the next ten years struggling to write a book, with pictures and words on paper, that would tell this story of Light.  I found it impossible! One day, there was a knock on our door. A filmmaker (Michael Wiese) was standing there. He said, "I heard you've been trying to write a book about Light. Did you ever think of making a movie?" With his help, I made my first film RADIANCE: The Experience of Light. Since then, I have produced more than 25 films...each, in its own way, infused with the "Light". The guidance which appeared to me during the experience of light more than 40 years ago is still with me today.


"...a positive affirmation of the luminosity of life."
BOOKLIST Review Journal of the American Library Association

"Light is construed broadly here, not from the confines of any particular discipline. The power, appropriateness and impact of the cinematography is striking. This film serves as a foundation of shared experience."

This is truly an experience of beauty that offers a unique message to each viewer."
A non-denominational educational resource

"Beautifully crafted, personal and profound. It was for me a totally spiritual experience."
COLIN HIGGINS (1941-1988)
Screenwriter/Director HAROLD & MAUDE Plus six other feature films

"The message that we are all radiant beings reaches more than the intellect – it rushes directly to the heart."

"Dorothy Fadiman is one of the pioneers in Transpersonal Filmmaking. RADIANCE is both a cinematic expression of Fadiman's own transcendent experience and a visual/poetic exploration of the spiritual significance of light."
Transpersonal Cinema Project

"Success in Documentary Filmmaking"
WINONA Film Festival


At a time when intercultural understanding is increasingly fragile, RADIANCE affirms the presence of a universally shared experience. Striking natural images, unusual special effects, and poetic narration are woven together with a wide range of musical selections to develop an evocative documentary on light, from the physical to the metaphysical.  Through religion, philosophy, art, and architecture, RADIANCE documents the story of light, as a universal symbol of life, to people from many cultures. Images from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and other faiths, plus those from Pagan rituals and ancient Egypt are intricately related. This inspiring film invites the viewer to see how light, as it has continued through ancient cultures into the present, connects the visions and values of people from around the world.


Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Producer: Michael Wiese
Editor: John Victor Fante
Music Arranged by: Stephen Hill

Kinetic Mandalas: Ken Jenkins, Dean Cutler
Photography: Steven P. Mangold, Barry Brukoff

Suggested Uses

• Celebrations/gatherings which bring together people from different faiths
• Presentations to promote intercultural understanding
• Use as an inspirational resource for support/recovery groups
• Classes/groups/seminars on the religions of the world


Physics of Light
Spiritual Travel - Sacred Light

Study Guide

RADIANCE Study Guide in English – pdf
RADIANCE Study Guide in Spanish – pdf


Full script for RADIANCE - pdf or Word doc
French script - pdf or Word doc


GOLD MEDAL Religious Educators Media Award
CHRIS AWARD Columbus Film Festival
FIRST PRIZE Whole Life Expo Media Festival/San Francisco
GOLD MEDAL Virgin Islands/Miami International Film Festival